Company Overview

Company Overview

Heartland Property & Concierge Services was established with a single goal in mind – to provide true 5 star service to discerning clients looking for professional, reliable property management and Concierge services.

Established in 2010 by Avinoam Czitron, Heartland combines traditional Property Management services, including caring for the maintenance and upkeep of homes belonging to clients living overseas, together with a full “Concierge” service, that provides for that little bit extra for when his clients or their guests come to visit.

Avinoam has built up a team of trusted contractors and assistants to ensure his clients’ home are kept in excellent condition, including an on-going preventative maintenance program, as well as a full “reset” program after each client or guest vacates the house that returns the house to the clean, polished, working order that their owners expect.

While Avinoam started his business in Netanya, north of Tel Aviv, he has since grown his business in Jerusalem, where the majority of his clients are located. And with the growing popularity of Israel as a vacation destination – currently over a million tourists each year – increasing demand for rental properties has provided his clients with an extra avenue to obtain a return on their investment. Avinoam handles all aspects of rentals, allowing the owners to maintain an “arms-length” relationship with renters. Owners especially appreciate the role Avinoam plays in resolving any issues or concerns renters may have during the course of their stay.

In short, the goal of Heartland is to provide a unique 5-star hotel experience, while living in the privacy, comfort and flexibility of your own home.