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Time to Renovate

The Post-Shavuot time is the most opportune time for properties to undergo renovations. Although, Winter would be the most ideal due to renovate, being an off-peak tourist season, however, due to heavy winter rains, it becomes impractical, Shavuot provides consistent weather and enough time before peak tourist season to complete any renovation necessary. The house is too small, mould in the wall from the winter, new baby or your child got married ‎and you want a special room for them? Even without these maintenance issues, each renovation adds value  to your property.

However, renovations can be a nightmare in Israel as it is fraught with difficulties. Legally, in order to add a room or to increase the sukkah area, you need a permit from the municipality. Having someone who knows the systems and is willing and able to manage the bureaucracy efficiently and inexpensively is key to a stress-free renovation. We make sure the builder charges reasonable prices. We make sure electricity and plumbing are ‎installed, maintained and fixed, at the highest quality and standards. Our clients can renovate with a peace of mind that their renovations will be completed and without personal involvement in the administration.
Sometimes, renovations cause issues with neighbors i.e. noise pollution, that have to be resolved. We manage the relationship with the neighbors to ensure that no ill-will is created. We put ‎emphasis on safety and security of the construction. Strangers frequent the house during this period as they realize that no one stays in the house at that ‎condition, so we make sure the house and the belongings are safe during the renovation.
Many costumers enjoy our renovation with remote control, so they come to the house when it’s ‎ready for their use.‎
We recommend you to renovate with us and you are more than welcome to hear from our ‎references. ‎
Looking forward,

Heartland staff


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