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Heartland recognises the importance of your investment here in Israel and offers services in order to ensure that your property is maintained in a pristine condition, awaiting your visitation. To achieve this result, a host of services, corresponding to the type of service, are collected and personalised for our clients’ needs. There are three basic packages that determine the level of service and hours invested. However, the services included act as a framework model and can be modified according to our clients’ needs. In addition, add-ons can be purchased individually according to demand.

Below are a list of the different features included within our property management, concierge services, and real estate management. Each featured service will be discussed with our client upon subscription of service and during the tenure of their subscription in order to ensure that they are receiving what is required for them. Some of these features may alternate between a basic or comprehensive quality depending on the service purchased. Furthermore, please note that the frequency of some the services such as house visits will vary according to the service package purchased and may range from monthly, fortnightly and weekly or according to need.

To enquire about our services or to subscribe to a package, please fill out a Contact Form,  or email

Service Overview