Frequently Asked Questions


A unique industry exists in Israel in which, due to ideological or nationalistic motives, investments are made in properties here to be used for vacationing or as investments. Israel consists of a culture, mentality and language that is very dissimilar to that which our clients are used to using on a daily basis. Although, almost of our clients who invest in a second home, here in Israel, will be familiar with the language, however, only at a basic level. Employing Hebrew and maneuvering in the property market and/or dealing with bureaucracies is something that foreign investors would prefer avoiding. Thus a manager is employed for the sole purpose of serving as the owner’s agent, eyes and ears and advisor in Israel. He supervises renovations, pays the bills, maintains the home, and ensures that it is ready for renting or for the owner’s arrival. He essentially acts in order to ensure that the owner has a stress free investment and can focus on other issues, safe in the knowledge that his property is in good hands.